Curated by Alexandra Court, 'Invest for Good' brings together ideas, insights, strategies and people who are determined to create a better future through projects that are a force for good in the world.

I started this blog to champion the inspirational people who are using their time, energy and resources to challenge the status quo and bring about real, meaningful change. 

I wanted to know what motivates them, learn more about their strategies and ideas, and hear about how they measure their success. I was also interested to discover how issues such as financing, investment and innovation can affect what they do.

Invest For Good highlights what collaboration, purpose and a healthy dose of determination can achieve.

As they discussed their experiences, the challenges they have faced, and the things they have learned along the way, they provided a great insight into what it takes to make a difference in the world. I hope their commitment and dedication will help us see how we too might contribute. 

I am sure you will be as inspired by them as I was. Their example proves that if we are prepared to invest our time, resources and resolve, it really is possible to bring about the positive change we all want to see and ensure that our planet and its precious resources are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

As I have discovered, there are few things more rewarding than using your skills and expertise in this way. I would encourage anyone who feels they could make a positive contribution of time, connections or skills, anyone who has solutions or ideas or if you would simply like more information - to please get in contact. 


Alexandra Court, October 2019.


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